on hair dyeing, “My Pregnancy Rebellion”

Lindsay Cross of explores some of the cultural issues surrounding hair dyeing during pregnancy and references “My Pregnancy Rebellion” in her post, “Dying Your Hair, The Newest Trend for Pregnant Ladies Going Rogue.” Apparently Kourtney Kardashian recently got caught up in the controversy when she blogged about lightening her hair during her pregnancy. Her fans became so enraged that she had to post a follow-up defending her decision and explained that she used ammonia-free products in a well-ventilated area, etc.

NY Times Motherlode blog on “My Pregnancy Rebellion”

KJ Dell’Antonia of the NY Times blog Motherlode wrote a piece today called, “The ‘Pregnancy Police’ Are Everywhere (Even in Your Head).” In it she references my Salon article and inquires about the internal vs. external nature of the paranoia I write about. It’s a great post, and it seems to be generating some good discussion in the comments. Be sure to check it out if you’re interested.

Salon: “My Pregnancy Rebellion”

I did a bad, bad thing the other day: Visibly pregnant, I went to a beauty salon and had my hair dyed. That may not seem like a big deal to those unfamiliar with American pregnancy culture, but to see the faces of the other women in the salon you would have thought I had walked in the door with a joint and a half-empty handle of vodka . . . (more)

California Watch/Huffington Post: Brown wants $63M for clean cars

Nestled within Gov. Jerry Brown’s program-slashing budget proposal lies a $63 million request to update and replace the Caltrans car fleet with vehicles that comply with California’s clean air regulations, an expenditure [PDF] that the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office thinks is imprudent . . . (more)

On the Huffington Post: