An Open Letter to the Society of Professional Journalists

To the SPJ Board of Directors: What does a woman’s butt have to do with a journalism conference? The answer is, of course, nothing, but that’s not what thousands of SPJ member were led to believe when they looked at the July/August issue of Quill. I kind of understand how this happened. Someone was like,Continue reading “An Open Letter to the Society of Professional Journalists”

Freelancing Bootcamp 4/21

Hi all, There are still spaces available in my freelancing bootcamp at the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto. See below for more info. ONE-DAY FREELANCE WRITING BOOTCAMP AT THE SF WRITERS’ GROTTO Instructor: Marie C. Baca Contact: mariecbaca (at) gmail [dot] com Number of sessions: 1 Meeting time: Sunday, 10 AM- 4:00 PM, with aContinue reading “Freelancing Bootcamp 4/21”